Company Profile

We are professional safety glove manufacturer for knitting, dipping, and technical/mechanic sewing gloves. Our factory located at Xuyi town, Huai’An city, Jiangsu Province, China. We started making latex & nitrile coating gloves in Shanghai from year 1994, knitting liners in Jiangyin City from year 2003, and sewing gloves in Xuyi from year 2014, now all of our machines were move to Xuyi factory, with a total plant area of 22,000m², and 300 Employees. We have ISO9001, BSCI certifications, work with many big wholesalers, importers, supermarkets/retailers from worldwide.

We manufacture 7g,10g,13g,15g seamless knitting liners with automatic dipping production lines for PU, NITRILE, LATEX coating gloves. 600sets knitting machines with capacity 2,160,000 pairs per month, 80sets sewing machines with capacity 240,000 pairs per month, and 9units production line with capacity 4,050,000 pairs per month, extra 10+ lines are under planned in coming years.

We have high expectation on ourselves, and we follow very strict factory management to achieve a consistent quality and price level for our clients, XM TOP SAFETY’s forever motivation is to offer ultimately clients’ satisfaction on our products, communication and delivery.

Thank you for your support and growing up together with us!

Our History

1994 (Found in Shanghai)

We started making Latex & Nitrile Coating gloves

2003 (Move to Jiangyin)

2014 (Build XuYi Factory) - Latex & Nitrile Coating gloves, Leather gloves

2021 (All move to Xuyi)

Latex & Nitrile Coating gloves, PU Coating gloves, Leather gloves

Total Capacity

Knitting Machine

600 Sets

86,400 pairs/day

2,160,000 pairs/month

Cut & Sewn

80 Sets

9,600 pairs/day

240,000 pairs/month

Dipping Line

9 Units

162,000 pairs/day

4,050,000 pairs/month


90 workers

194,400 pairs/day

4,860,000 pairs/month

Manufacturing Equipment

Dipping Line

Crotch Reinforcement Machine

Premium PU Line

Cutting machine

Heat Transfer LOGO printing

Silk Screen LOGO printing

Soaking & Washing